HPSP Scholarship Air Force Reimbursement: How to Save Thousands in Medical School

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The HPSP Air Force Scholarship is a great way to pay for Medical School. The Air Force will reimburse for several big-ticket items that you will need for Medical School. This is a great way to save thousands on costs related to med school and make the most of your scholarship.

The following post contains reimbursable items and the associated maximum reimbursement amount for each item. 


Diagnostic sets are among the most critical tool sets in a clinician's repertoire to perform a comprehensive physical exam. Diagnostic sets help physicians perform fast exams and accurately. These sets include an otoscope and an ophthalmoscope. An Otoscope is used for examining the ear canal and tympanic membrane while the Ophthalmoscope is for performing eye and funduscopic exams.




The Air Force will reimburse for clothing needed for work in the lab and for clinicals. This includes reimbursement money for whitecoats, trousers, and scrubs.

  • Whitecoat/Trousers: $35.00, 6 times total, $210.00 total savings
  • Scrubs: $125.00 Savings





The Air Force will reimburse up to $500.00/year for a computer/tablet lease, allowing you to get a brand-new computer for school at no charge. The key is that it must be a rent-to-return lease to qualify for reimbursment.

Many students prefer to use a laptop for note-taking and reading for class. Some classes may also require you to take certain exams on your computer. We recommend reviewing different brands of laptops to determine which specs and features are important to you. You’re going to be using it a lot during the next four years, so you want something that will last. An iPad or tablet may also be an option if you prefer something smaller.

At Military PC Rentals, we specialize in providing laptop and tablet leases that meet HPSP requirements. Check out our selection here. If you don’t see something you like, or have a specific device you want but it is not offered, message us here. We can definitely work something out.





An Osteopathic Treatment Table is for patients to lie on during osteopathic manipulations. Students can often get away without using one, but since the Air Force reimburses you may want to consider getting your own to use.




A Sphygmomanometer is the standard instrument for reading a patient’s blood pressure. Seeing one of these may be one of your earlies memories from the doctor’s office. Every medical student will need one.




Most of the equipment you need during med school is provided at the hospitals where you complete your clinical rotations. Although disposal stethoscopes are also stocked, they don’t provide the same acoustics as a quality stethoscope. During school, you need to auscultate lungs, heart, and bowel sounds. A good quality stethoscope will help you identify the subtle differences.



  • LED Light Attachment: $300.00 Savings
  • Black Doctor Bag: $80.00 Savings
  • Safety Goggles: $30.00 Savings
  • Dissection Kit: $25.00 Savings
  • Tuning Fork: $18.00 Savings
  • Thermometer: $15.00 Savings
  • Gloves: $15.00 Savings
  • Reflex Hammer: $12.00 Savings
  • Neurological Hammer: $12.00 Savings
  • Physician Measuring Tape: $12.00 Savings
  • Bandage $ Scissors: $8.00 Savings
  • Penlights: $8.00 Savings

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