What People are Saying

Military PC Rentals made it very easy for me utilize one of my benefits through the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP). Their rental process was straightforward, and their customer service even notified me when my first choice did not qualify for reimbursement for my particular branch of service. Getting reimbursed on my rental was easy, and the product I received was in new condition. Very satisfied with my overall experience.

-Kevin, Navy HPSP

Super easy renting! Great customer service. Reimbursed by the Army through HPSP. A free rental for a top of the line laptop! Doesn't get much better.

-Edward, Army HPSP

Military PC Rentals came to my rescue. I was in my last year of med school, on audition rotations, working on research papers, moving to a different state every month for rotations, and my computer of 7 years died on me. I was in a bind and they got me through it! I received my computer in less than a week and they followed up with me, which I really appreciated!

-Lynn, Navy HPSP

I was stressed out about starting medical school, and I thought renting a laptop would add to that stress - but boy I was I wrong! Military PC Rentals is a stress-free, efficient, and fast way to get the high quality laptop you are looking for. Military PC Rentals was truly the best option for me, and I would highly recommend it to all HPSP students!

-Kathryn, Navy HPSP

Military PC Rentals made me feel comfortable and confident about the rental process. I was promptly sent not only my brand new computer, but everything I needed for reimbursement with very clear instructions. I had no problems at all and would highly recommend!

-Cayla, Air Force HPSP

“Military PC Rentals was an absolutely wonderful service to work with. Always very accommodating and professional. Matt was so nice and very responsive. I received my laptop quickly so I could get to work, and the return process was also super easy and painless. Definitely recommend to all HPSPers.”

-Sami, Navy HPSP

“I had a great experience with Matt and the team. Very fast shipping, very responsive customer service, and very good communication skills. I had a great laptop (MacBook Air) that I was able to rent all through medical school, which was a great asset.”

-Justin, Air Force HPSP

“I used Military PC Rentals without any problems whatsoever. They have always been quick to reply to emails, very accommodating, and the computer was awesome. I still recommend them to everyone I can.”

-Aaron, Air Force HPSP

"Matt was very responsive and helpful throughout the 2.5 years that I used his service. The computer came very quickly after I signed the contract. Using this service saved me quite a bit of money. You are throwing money away if you buy your own computer when you don't have to"

-Army HPSP Student

“I've had a lovely experience with Military PC Rentals as an HPSP student. I rented the iPad Mini, which was invaluable during clerkships for researching the diseases I encountered in my patients. It also fit in my white coat pocket! The Military PC Rentals staff was available, helpful, and always followed up!”

-Nena, Air Force HPSP

“I am extremely pleased with Military PC Rentals! They provided exactly what I needed at the exact price I needed it for. They are flexible, direct, and respond quickly to all of my questions.”

-Philip, Navy HPSP

“Matt was very helpful via email and always replied promptly. He answered my questions and shipping was very expedient. Great experience overall! Highly recommend!”

-William, Navy HPSP

“Military PC Rentals gave me a clear and obvious solution for renting a high quality PC throughout medical school which easily satisfied the requirements set forth in my HPSP contract giving me a seamless rental experience.”

-Alexander, Navy HPSP

“I really appreciate Military PC Rentals' willingness to work with me on choosing the laptop that I wanted. They are always quick to respond any time I want to contact them. I would definitely recommend them to other HPSP students!”

-Lauren, Air Force HPSP

"Can't recommend Mil PC Rentals enough. I needed a new laptop for class, and, within a week of signing up, I had a new laptop waiting at my doorstep. Very responsive staff and willing to work with you and the HPSP program."

-Adam, Navy HPSP

"I couldn't be more pleased with Military PC Rentals. Life is busy as a med student and they made the process of getting a brand new surface pro easy and hassle free. Highly recommended!"

-Aaron, Army HPSP

“Military PC rentals offers HPSP students a wide range of computers and tablets which are fully reimbursable by the military. I found out about the company after my first year of medical school and was thrilled to receive a brand-new MacBook Air just a few days later. The company is immediately receptive to concerns and works with renters to find the best fit for their needs. I would highly recommend using this company for computer/tablet rentals.”

-Jake, Navy HPSP

“The computer has worked wonderfully for me and I truly appreciate your attention and time. Military PC Rentals has been nothing but helpful, professional, and easy to work with.”

-Aaron, Air Force HPSP

“Did some research on rentals through HPSP and reached out to most of the companies that provide rentals. Miltary PC Rentals by far were the most accommodating and quickest to respond. I was able to get my computer super fast and Matt was super helpful. Great experience all around. I will recommend to future HPSP.”

-Tyler, Navy HPSP

“Really good experience! Fast ordering process and fast shipping. Laptop came in perfect condition and I didn't have any problems getting the reimbursement with the paperwork provided.”

-Veronica, Army HPSP

“Used them to rent a Macbook Air. 3 Years of impeccable service with very clear instructions. Matt and the team are great. Definitely recommend.”

-Reese, Navy HPSP

“Military PC Rentals has been great from the start, customer service has been exceptional with constant check-ins by staff to ensure everything is going smoothy. My laptop was received in a very timely manner and I had all the proper documentation to submit to the Army. Highly recommend to anyone in HPSP looking to take advantage of the rental opportunity through the scholarship”

-Ryan, Army HPSP