Here is an example of the rental agreement that you must agree to before receiving a device from Military PC Rentals LLC. Following a transaction, each customer will be emailed a copy of this contract. Please note that the bold terms will be substituted with terms specific to your individual rental agreement. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions at


Rental Agreement and Lease


Standard Leasing Information

This rental agreement is a legal document between Military PC Rentals, LLC (“Military PC” or “Us”) and <name> (“Renter” or “You”). The product being rented is a new <computer model> (“Computer”). This rental agreement begins <start date> and lasts for <contract length> (“Rental Period”). The rental agreement ends <end date>.




The rental fee is <rental fee> and shall be paid in <number of payments> equal annual payments of $500.00 (individually a "Payment" and collectively the "Payments"), due and on <date of first payment><date of second payment>, <date of third payment>and <date of fourth payment> (individually "Due Date", collectively "Due Dates"). Payments shall be made using Military PC’s website,


Late Payments


If Military PC has not received any such Payment within five days of the Due Date, then Renter will be deemed to be in Default of this Agreement (hereinafter "Default"). In the event of Default, all Payments under this Agreement shall become due and payable within thirty days of the date of such Default.


Computer Maintenance


Computer maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of Renter during the Rental Period. Computers are covered by any existent manufacturer warranty but there is no additional warranty extended by Us.


If the Computer is found defective within the first 30 days of the lease, the Renter must contact Military PC within two weeks that the defect is discovered. In that event, Military PC will restore the Computer to working condition and send it back to the Renter if the renter is not responsible for the defect. The Renter will be held liable for water damage, drops, and negligence resulting in repairs beyond $100.00. If the Computer stops working after the first 30 days of the lease, the Renter is not responsible to pay for damages unless they are the fault of the Renter (this includes water damage, drops, etc.).


Stolen Computer


A stolen Computer must be replaced by Renter unless an official police report is submitted to Military PC.  In all cases, Military PC reserves the right to determine the cause of damage to the Computer.  Military PC is not responsible for any computer maintenance, upkeep, damage or theft that falls outside of the situations described above.


Lease Ending


The Computer should be returned in reasonable proper working condition with only normal wear and tear. Any reasonable maintenance or repair costs incurred by Military PC to restore returned Computers to proper working condition will be the responsibility of Renter.


The Renter will return the Computer using the shipping label provided by Military PC. Computer should be returned in the original packaging the Computer was received in.  A reminder of the end of Rental Period will be sent to Renters.  The reminder will include instructions for return shipping of the Computer.  Any failure of Military PC to provide said reminder, shall not relieve Renter of any duty to return the Computer pursuant to the terms herein.

Computer must be returned to and received by Military PC within 14 days of the end of the Rental Period.  Thereafter, Renter will be charged $20.00 per week until the Computer is returned and received by Military PC.


If after ninety (90) days past the end of the Rental Period, Military PC has not received the computer, or in the event of any breach of this Rental Agreement and Lease, legal action shall be taken. This Rental Agreement and Lease shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio. The Parties hereto:

  1. Irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the State of Ohio, Hamilton County, and the United States District Court for the 31st District of the State of Ohio, and
  2. Irrevocably waive any and all objections to such consents.” The Computer must be returned to Military PC in the same condition as it was originally received; normal wear and tear is accepted.


By signing this document you agree to the terms and conditions.


(Electronic Agreement)                                                                  <Date of first payment>

________________________________                                     ____________________

Signature of Renter                                                                         Date