Referral Program

 How does the referral program work?

    1. You tell an HPSP classmate about Military PC Rentals.
    2. If they sign up for a lease, they enter your first and last name into the special instructions field on the cart page (See below).
    3. If they sign up for a lease for:
      1. 1-2 years: We send you a $50.00 Electronic Visa Gift Card.
      2. 3-4 years: We send you a $100.00 Electronic Visa Gift Card.


Who Qualifies?

Any Military PC Rentals customer, past or present. We want people spreading the message if they have firsthand experience with us.


Common Questions:

How many gift cards can I earn? There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can earn.

Why Visa cards? Visa cards can be used almost anywhere. We believe that this gives you the best value for your referral.

When I refer someone, how does Military PC Rentals know? Customers must list your name on the cart page upon checkout. First, they must select ‘referred by a classmate’ option in the dropdown menu. Next, they must include your first and last name in the special instructions box (see below for example). Upon ordering, Military PC Rentals will see this information along with their order.

Can multiple people refer the same person? No, new customers can only list one person for a referral. If two or more people are listed on the referral, only the first person will receive the gift card.

Figure 1: Checkout Page Referral Example