HPSP Rentals: Getting Reimbursed Without Using Your Money

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Getting your computer rental payment reimbursed by the military is an awesome benefit. But what about when you’re waiting to get reimbursed? That’s up to $500.00 that you’re waiting to get back from the military. What if there was a way to use someone else’s money instead?

Enter PayPal Credit.

PayPal credit works like a credit card but with a few important differences:
  1. 0% interest for the first 6 months on purchases above $99.00.
  2. Minimum credit line of $250.00
  3. Maximum credit line of $10000.00
  4. There's no actual, physical credit card

The 0% for 6 months benefit is the real advantage with using PayPal credit. Couple that with our reimbursement guarantee and you truly have nothing to lose here.


Example 1: Everything Works Perfectly!

Let’s say Jenny applies for PayPal Credit and gets approved for a credit line of $1000.00. After connecting PayPal Credit to her PayPal account, she selects a four-year rental from Military PC Rentals. The lease payment is $500.00/year so she can easily cover that with PayPal credit.

After paying, she receives her new laptop in the mail within a week, and is reimbursed by the military several weeks later. She would then pay off the PayPal credit using her military reimbursement money and still have several months left before that six-month deadline.


Example 2: Nothing Works as Expected ☹

Imagine James applies for PayPal Credit and gets approved for a credit line of $2000.00. After connecting PayPal Credit to his PayPal account, he selects a three-year lease.

After making the $500.00 lease payment he receives his new laptop in the mail and is denied reimbursement. All James would need to do is let us know he was denied and we would give him a full refund. He could then use that refunded money to pay off the PayPal Credit balance. Again, well before the six-month deadline.

So, in either case you don’t pay one cent.

Even though this adds a couple more steps to the process, this method can keep the $500.00 from ever leaving your pocket. It may not be the right approach for everyone, but it might be right for you. If you’re not sure, just shoot us an email. We’re glad to help you find the best way to get started with your lease.

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