About Us

HPSP students are eligible to be reimbursed $500.00 per year towards a computer rental. For years it hasn’t been easy to find a lease agreement that meets the HPSP rental requirements. Military PC Rentals set out to solve that problem. As a rent-to-return computer company, Military PC Rentals meets the requirements necessary for full reimbursement from the military. We offer high quality computers at a price that can be fully covered by your HPSP reimbursement.


Renting from Military PC Rentals is easy:


Step 1: Choose a computer or tablet based on the number of years you want to lease:


    Step 2: Receive a brand new computer within a week of making your first payment. 

    Step 3: Receive your reimbursement from your program using the receipt we send you each year.


    Our goal is to serve and equip the healthcare professionals of our nation’s armed forces. We hope that Military PC Rentals can be a small part of your journey as you train to serve.

    Questions? Check out our FAQ page or email us at team@militarypcrentals.com.